Helsinki Decompression tickets will be sold in a few batches. The first Early Bird batch of tickets will secure a venue for us. The most expensive ticket is the Art Support ticket, of which an earmarked portion will go directly towards art and artists expenses.
The main sale will include General Admission tickets (the regular tickets) and Art Support tickets. All sales will be announced on our website and in social media.
We have just completed the Early Bird sale and the next batch of tickets will be out soon!

Payment info: If you pay with bank transfer, we pay less fees but the transaction takes longer. So do not be afraid if your order is marked pending for a day or two, it should clear in a few days.

Remember to include the given order code with the payment so that we can match your transfer with your ticket.

Where does the event happen? Kattilahalli, Kaasutehtaankatu, Suvilahti, Helsinki, Finland

When does the event happen?
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General admission

124 currently available

€80.00 incl. 10% VAT

Art Support ticket

This is a higher price ticket than what we charge for General Admission and it is meant to be a way for people to directly support the art and help out in getting more art for the people.

156 currently available

€100.00 incl. 10% VAT